ffiliation Program Information


The purpose of the Affiliation Program is to create a formalized relationship between existing organizations, institutions, academies and schools including AEMMA, who share a common interest in accurately resurrecting and the practice of historical western martial arts, to freely share information and results of internal research and developments, and to possibly contribute to the process of formalizing, building structure and formulating standards (i.e. equipment, arms, etc.) in these martial arts.  The affiliation relationship is bi-directional, in that AEMMA is an affiliate of the affiliate organization and the affiliate organization is an affiliate of AEMMA.

Secondly, the affiliation program offers practitioners the opportunity to locate credible historical martial arts schools and organizations in their area by virtue of the affiliations' listing in this website. The challenge to the organizations involved in the Affiliation Program is to continue to contribute to promote a credible historical martial arts to facilitate its acceptance of these arts worldwide.


Participation in the Affiliation is open to any practicing historical European martial arts (HEMA) organization provided the organization satisfies the requirements stipulated below. For any new organization requesting membership, AEMMA employs a process of due diligence which encompasses a number of steps in order to validate, evaluate, review and assess the candidate member organization. The due diligence procedure follows the following steps:

  1. A candidate affiliate will undergo an initial evaluation and assessment by an AEMMA representative in order to determine the viability of the candidate affiliate, based on the requirements below. This may encompass correspondence by various media, and the review of teaching and bouting, either in person or by video. The process may take some time.
  2. Following this initial assessment and should the candidate affiliate be identified as a potential affiliate organization by the AEMMA representative, the AEMMA representative(s) will then compose an executive report of the candidate affiliate containing pertinent information, assessment, contact info, training style & focus, historical basis, period, etc. which is first reviewed by the candidate affiliate and approved, and then following approval, will then be forwarded to the AEMMA executive for review.
  3. Following the receipt and successful review of the executive report by the AEMMA executive, each current affiliate will receive the same report in order to conduct a peer review, evaluation and assessment of the candidate affiliate. The peer review process may include direct queries from the existing affiliates to the representative of the candidate affiliate directly for clarification, queries or for more information.
  4. Following the conclusion of the peer review and assessment, each current affiliate will cast their vote which will be aggregated by the AEMMA executive to conclude the peer reveiw.
  5. Should the outcome of the evaluation determine the positive viability of the candidate affiliate as an affiliate, the candidate affiliate will then be invited to become involved in the affiliation program by email from the AEMMA representative and copied to each current affiliate.

It is important that the candidate affiliate being considered will strengthen the historical European martial arts community's ability to promote, resurrect and reconstruct these historical fighting arts as credible and viable martial arts. Each affiliate is expected to contribute to this mission, at a minimum by providing a good example of historical European martial arts in their local area.

What are the requirements in order to be considered for an affiliation?

  1. The candidate affiliate must not have as their principle focus for their existence re-enactment, role-playing, nor fantasy pursuits, but rather the reconstruction and practice of historical European martial arts.
  2. The candidate affiliate must be in existence contiguously for at least 2 years, and be comprised of at least six (6) regularily training and actively contributing members of a frequency of at least once per week.
  3. The candidate affiliate is required to possess an up-to-date and functional website that describes their organization in terms of its philosophy, training paradigm and operating principles (practice schedules, locations, membership, etc.).
    Note: Should the candidate affiliate not possess a website and is invited to the affiliation program, it is required that the candidate affiliate submit content (brief description of the organization, practice schedules, locations, contact info) and relevant images to AEMMA in order for the representative to create a web page inserted into the affiliation roll. See the Affiliates' pages for examples.
  4. The candidate affiliate must be prepared to include on their web site home page, a graphic and link (provided by AEMMA) to AEMMA that indicates their active involvement in the affiliation program.
  5. The candidate affiliate can simply email AEMMA by filling out an online application form by clicking Affiliation Application Form and then submiting their organization for an affiliation candidacy.

What does an affiliate get?

  1. The value of being publically associated with the other credible historical European martial arts organizations world-wide.
  2. To be part of a growing worldwide western martial arts community using the affiliation relationship as a vehicle, rather than being an "insignificant" local group.
  3. To get "plugged in" to current and new developments in the historical swordsmanship community via the existing membership organization's initiatives, and other initiatives such as SSI, AHF, FISAS.
    Note: Your affiliation relationship does not imply an automatic association with the other organizations listed and therefore, it is recommended that their logos not be displayed on your website as a result of this affiliation. You must approach them directly.
  4. Greater Web exposure by virtue of their entry in the Affiliates page along with increased traffic to the Affiliate's Web site.

What does it cost?

  1. Nothing.
  2. However, the AEMMA would graciously accept financial donations which would be used to further the research and development activities in AEMMA with respect to its objectives. Contact an AEMMA for more information or fill out an online application form by clicking Affiliation Application Form and then submiting their organization for an affiliation candidacy.


  1. It's simple, simply fill out the online application form by clicking Affiliation Application Form and then submiting their organization for an affiliation candidacy.
  2. Or contact an AEMMA for more information. However, if you wish to pursue this, we will ask you to fill out the online form anyways!.

Released: June 26, 1999 / Last modified: May 8, 2008