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Name: Alliance Martial Arts
Location: Alpine, NY, USA 
Established: July 2000
Website: www.alliancemartialarts.com
Period: Early Period: XIV and XV Century
Middle Period: XVI Century
Late Period: XVII and XVIII Century
Classical Fencing: XIX Century
Number of
American Heritage Fighting Arts 
Description: The Alliance Martial Arts or AMA is an Ithaca, USA based organization of Western Martial Arts practitioners. The AMA website provides a wealth of information and resources for close combat for the periods including:
  • 14-15th century, Medieval close combat, based on German and Italian masters,
  • 16-17th century, Renaissance close combat, dagger, knife techniques,
  • 18-19th century, American heritage knife techniques - Bowie knife, bayonet, cane, sword,
  • 20-21st century, modern day applications of fighting techniques.

AMA was founded by Mr. Peter Kautz. Peter has been training in both Eastern and Western combative disciplines for twenty years, including Arnis Black Belt (1991), Kung Fu Black Sash (1993), Tai Chi Chuan and Pa Kua Chang Instructor recognition. In the Western arts, he has focused on the analysis and development of Medieval knife techniques and grappling based on the works of Dei Liberi, Talhoffer, Marozzo, and others. Pete has also written a book on this subject entitled "Mani Contra il Courtilo - Hands Against the Knife" which covers much of the research he has conducted on Marozzo.

, German dagger, historical unarmed fighting techniques  
Contact Information: snailMail: Peter Kautz
c/o Alliance Martial Arts
3078 Swamp Rd.
Alpine, NY 14805 USA


Affiliated since: June 9, 2000
Updated: October 23, 2006