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Name: St. George's School of Fencing
Location: Beograd, Serbia 
Established: Febrary 29, 2000
Website: www.macevanje.org
Period: Early Period: XIV and XV Century
Middle Period: XVI Century
Late Period: XVII and XVIII Century
Number of
National Center For European Fencing - Beograd, Serbia; Renaissance Association »RAGVSEVM« - Dubrovnik, Croatia;
The Swordsmens' Society Of The Two-Handed Sword "Despot Stefan" - Beograd;
The Society of Medievalists - Beograd,
Fencing School Of The Military Academy - Beograd,
National Center For Stage Fencing - Beograd,
Expert Center For Museum Arms - Beograd

The first and only school of combat fencing (sword fighting) with the two handed sword in the Balkans and the only school of fencing with the rapier and the small sword in Southeastern Europe.

St. George's School of Fencing was founded in 1998 by Maestro Aleksandar Stankovic, a fencing master from Belgrade, together with a group of fencers who outgrew the concept of modern sport fencing as a "rush forward - rush backward - crush game," finding it too narrow and lacking in perspective. The school consists of four sections: the two-handed sword fighting section, the Spanish rapier fighting section, the small sword fighting section, and the foil fencing section for children and beginners. Lessons are held for ladies and gentlemen of all ages in group or individual classes - in the recognizable St. George's "elevated hand" style, founded in the elements of the Spanish and German schools, as well as Angelo Domenico's "L'Ecole des Armes," (London 1763).

The school has published 6 books on the subject of fencing, of which the latest one, "The Manifest of Combat Fencing" has been translated into English. The school is equipped with complete fencing equipment for all its members, with classes held between September and June, two hours twice a week. More than 60% of the members are ladies, the majority of whom practice the small sword and the foil.

The motto of the school is: "Fencing where one does not feel joyful in the skill, whatever the outcome - is worthless; the battle in which one has not managed to draw a smile on the opponent's face - is lost."

The school is run, together with 9 assistants, by its founder and president, Maestro Aleksandar Stankovic, who also serves as president of the National Center for European Fencing (NCEM), Fencing Master of the Serbia-Montenegro Military Academy in Belgrade, personal fencing teacher of HRH Prince Michael Karadjordjevic of Serbia, and Master of Fence to the Renaissance organization "RAGVSEVM" from Dubrovnik, Croatia. Maestro Stankovic also teaches stage fencing at the BK University Stage Academy in Belgrade, and serves as Chief Instructor and selector for the Army sport fencing team competing in the Army World Tournaments organized by CISM (International Federation of Army Sports) and AFU. He has written and published 7 books on fencing history, technique and theory.

The co-president of St George's is HRH Prince Andrey Aleksandrovich Gardenin - a cousin of Count Leo Ilich Tolstoy and the adopted son of the late Konstantin Konstantinovich Eger, who was educated in the Leningrad's Theatrical Institute and became the first teacher of stage fencing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

The St. George's School of Fencing website is one of the four largest fencing web presentations in the world, presenting the activities of the School and its affiliate organizations.

Prof. Aleksandar Stankovic (Spanish rapier, longsword, small sword),
Darko Raic (Spanish rapier, small sword),
Ljubica Tinska (small sword),
Vuk Obradovic (longsword),
Jovan Kovacevic (small sword),
Lav Gersman (longsword),
Igor Petrusic, Dragan Andjelkovic, Sasa Stevanovic, Aca Bozic, Nenad Beric, Milos Ristic, Bozidar Mijailovic (French foil)
Contact Information: snailMail: Aleksander Stankovic
c/o St. George School of Fencing
Kosovska 19 i Centralnom domu vojske Srbije
Braće Jugovića 19

Tel: +381 063 8316816 / +382 678 32713


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