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Name: The Exiles CMMA
Location: Dagenham, Essex, England 
Established: 1992
Website: www.the-exiles.org.uk
Period: Early Period: XIV and XV Century
Number of
Description: The Exiles CMMA (Company of Medieval Martial Artists) is a company of Western Martial Artists concentrating on the hand-to-hand fighting techniques of Western Europe during the medieval and early renaissance periods. We are active participants in the growing international Fechtbuch community, interpreting a variety of surviving historical manuals and intensively practicing the techniques we uncover. Whilst our main focus is on a period running roughly from the mid-fourteenth to the late-fifteenth century, an era that saw the increasing reproduction of such martial manuals, we also attempt to learn from other periods and practice their styles. The forms that we concentrate on include unarmed striking and grappling, pole-arms (staff, spear, poleaxe, etc.), longsword, sword & shield, and sword & buckler. Our aim is to learn to fight just as trained men of the period, well enough that we could rely upon our skills to defend ourselves in both historic and modern-day situations. We are not a show or reenactment group. However, we do take part in recreational events for fun and to promote our study.
, Italian longsword, grappling, dagger  
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Robert Lovett
c/o The Exiles CMMA
67 Ibscott Close
Dagenham, Essex
England RM10 9YT

Tel: +1 44 0181 592 1821


Affiliated since: September 19, 1999
Updated: October 23, 2006