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Name: Compagnie Hackamores
Location: Belgium 
Established: 2000
Website: users.skynet.be/sky56671
Period: Early Period: XIV and XV Century
Compagnie Hackamores
Number of
Description: Compagnie Hackamores troup was started in 2000 to promote equestrian jousting in Belgium. The founders were also part of the Belgian Federation of Steel Fighting and took part in armoured combat tournaments under the banner of Hesbaye Society, AEMMA affiliate since 1999.

Hackamores supported from the start the efforts of AEMMA thanks to Anton Cvet's enthusiastic visits and kind encouraging words. They adopted the Academy training system and started organizing workshops and training camp in Belgium and southern France gaining more and more members. Hackaland 2002 gathered 16 combatants competing for a week holiday on the Mediterranean!

For the last two years, the Hacka-fighters have taken the edge in the national championship and started to organize their own competitive tournaments in a more historical way. Thanks to David's, Brian's and Anton's help, Belgian warriors have gained in skill and experience. The structure proposed by the Academy was the great concept that helped Hackamores increase its population by 500% in two years!

, mounted combat training  
Contact Information: snailMail:
Frédéric Piraux
c/o Compagnie Hackamores
Rue Doumier 49
4430  ANS


Affiliated since: July 23, 1999
Updated: October 23, 2006