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Name: School of European Swordsmanship
Location: Helsinki, Finland 
Established: March 2001
Website: www.swordschool.com
Period: Early Period: XIV and XV Century
Middle Period: XVI Century
Late Period: XVII and XVIII Century
Classical Fencing: XIX Century
Number of
The School of European Swordsmanship, Linköping (Sweden) 
The School of European Swordsmanship, Tampere (Finland) 
Description: The School of European Swordsmanship, Helsinki, Helsinki or SESH, located in Helsinki, Finland has as its purpose to train students in a correct and complete method of European Swordsmanship, firmly grounded in historical techniques, and maintaining a constant awareness of the truly martial nature of this art. Students begin with unarmoured combat. The focus is on correct and accurate footwork and bodymechanics,including close-quarters unarmed techniques, before moving on to careful, precise, sword work. Only after many months of training do students begin freeplay of any kind. For cost reasons, most students start with wasters or a stick, though all students are encouraged to train with steel from the beginning. The School has some weapons available. The SESH method includes a range of strength and fitness training, power training, close-quarters techniques, remedial medical techniques (such as massage and nutrition) and treatise interpretation, as well as the full range of weapons studied. The SESH students' physical, mental and spiritual development is the School's primary concern.

SESH was founded by Mr. Guy Windsor in May, 2001. Guy (individual in the black, photo on the right) is an International Masters at Arms Federation (IMAF) Acknowledged Instructor (AI) for longsword & Medieval sword & buckler and a recognized instructor by the La Federazione Italiana di Scherma Antica e Storica (FISAS), a founding member of British Federation for Historical Swordplay (BFHS), and founder of Dawn Duellists Society (DDS). Photos courtesy of Lars Wirzenius.

, leading the Tampere branch  
, leading the Linköping branch  
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Guy Windsor
c/o School of European Swordsmanship, Helsinki
Linnoittajantie 9 A 8
00940 Helsinki, Finland

Tel: +1 358 9 227 3538
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Affiliated since: October 25, 2001
Updated: October 23, 2006