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Name: Tournament Productions
Location: San Diego, CA, USA 
Established: 1976
Website: www.tournamentproductions.org
Period: Early Period: XIV and XV Century
Middle Period: XVI Century
Number of
Description: Tournament Productions or TP is a California based group started in 1976 at the Renaissance faire community of California with a mandate to create a 16th century tournament (Such as Tournament of the Field of the Cloth of Gold. ) for the enjoyment of patrons of the faire. That mandate has led us on a search for weapons, armor and training that did not exist at the beginning of our search.

The combat is conducted with combat blunt weapons (rebated weapons) common with tournament use and with the highest concern for safety, however the combat is conducted at full speed and with full contact allowed and encouraged.

Training is necessary to continue our growth and development in the European martial arts. We are currently working on adding more material constantly to our training section found here. This training is based upon the actual use and principles that we have been using successfully in our organization for 20 years. This reflects a practical and modern approach to the principle of training with weapons, armor and in a full contact arena. We are working with AEMMA and other members of the Western Martial Arts Community to facilitate an open forum for exchange of techniques, ideas and historic documentation.

Today, Tournament Productions is an Internationally recognized school for European Martial Arts focusing on 16th century rapier techniques, Longsword techniques, armored tournament training and Equestrian skills. We are proud members of the Western Martial Arts Community and pride ourselves on the exchange of knowledge and practical application of our techniques in a "real world" environment of tournaments.

, 15-16th century armoured combat  
Contact Information: snailMail:
Joseph R. Cadieux
c/o Tournament Productions
2292 Madroncillo St.
San Diego, CA 92114  USA


Affiliated since: July 8, 1999
Updated: October 23, 2006