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BROCK, Beau F.
Arms: Argent, on a chevron wavy Azure, five cherry blossoms proper, in chief, two fleur-de-lys or the second and in base, a fox rampant Gules overlay a rapier proper.
Crest: NA
Flag: A banner of the Arms.
Standard: NA
Source: Assumed in October 2009.
Artist/Herald: self/David M. Cvet
Symbolism: The fox symbolizes the name of the region where Beau had grown up in, which was called the Fox Valley (the area around Green Bay), and also, because he's always been more than a little attracted to the character of the fox in European folklore as the trickster, sly and cunning, but also fierce when he needs to be. The cherry blossoms proper represents the ephemeral nature of life: beautiful for a short while, and then it dies away. The rapier was chosen for a similar reason: it can be a beautiful work of art, but it's purpose is to take life. It serves as a reminder as to the mindset one should have when practicing. The chevron wavy Argent symbolizes British Columbia because it was where Beau's interest in medieval and renaissance culture and martial arts began. The the Fleur de lys represents Beau's life-long attachment to all things French/relating to France or Quebec. He'll be working with on this subject for the rest of his life, and plan to do so until his professional career is over. Also, Beau's family name can be traced back to the village of Broc, which is located to the southwest of Paris.
Painted Arms:
click to view larger image of the painted arms located at the salle d'armesClick to view a painted rendering of the arms which are located at the salle d'armes.
Painted by David M. Cvet, Dec 2009
Rank: Free Scholler: Nov 6, 2010
Scholler: Sep 21, 2008

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