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GIENOW, Dale Murray
Arms: Or a wapiti rampant Sable gorged with a wreath of roses Gules and daisies Argent, and supporting a lance proper.
Crest: (Upon a tilting helmet mantled Sable doubled Or within a wreath of these colours) A demi-Irish wolfhound Sable bearing over its dexter shoulder a longbow and holding in its sinister paw a hawking lure Or.
Motto: AGO AUDACTER (I Live Boldly)
Flag: A banner of the Arms.

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On a bezant a wapiti's head erased Sable gorged with a wreath of roses Gules and daisies Argent, all within a belt Sable buckled, edged and inscribed with the Motto in letters Or.
Cadet Arms:
Son North Gienow with the arms debruised of a three-point label Argent during his father's lifetime, according to the Law of Arms of Canada.
Source: Originally assumed August 1989. Grant, Canadian Heraldic Authority, Ottawa, 15 September, 2010.
Artist/Herald: self/Linda Nicholson
Calligrapher: Doris Wionzek
Symbolism: Arms: The colours of the shield are taken from the arms of the German Empire, Mr. Gienow being of Prussian ancestry. The wapiti is one of the supporters of the Arms of British Columbia, where Mr. Gienow was born; it also represents his lifelong involvement in the protection of Canadian wildlife. The rose and daisy are the birth flowers of his wife and son respectively. The lance honours his contribution to the sport of jousting in Canada.

Crest: The Irish wolfhound represents Mr. Gienow's dog Hector. The bow signifies his involvement in mounted archery and the hawking lure his interest in falconry.

Rank: Instructor (mounted combat)