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Arms: Purpure, on a saltire Argent a 8-pointed compass Sable, on a chief of the second, two 8-pointed compasses of the third.
Crest: NA
Motto: POSTREMO HONOR (The last thing is honor)
On a plate within a belt Purpure edged, buckled and inscribed with the Motto in letters Argent, a 8-pointed compass Sable. Click to view a larger image of the badge.
Flag: A banner of the Arms.
Standard: The hoist per Gules and Argent, on the dexter two trillium flowers seeded proper and a bear passant of the second, on the sinister two 8-pointed compasses Sable, the fly Purpure charged with the motto of the third on two bends Argent.
Source: The inspiration for the arms was the Scottish-Irish family heritage and the practice of heraldry was encouraged in a medieval re-enactment Club that the bearer was associated with in his youth. Assumed in 1987.
Artist/Herald: self
Note: Brian McIlmoyle was a co-Founder of AEMMA.
Symbolism: Purpure, on a saltire Argent represents the originating family Scottish heritage, the tincture being a regal colour and the bearer's favourite colour. The compass represents direction, always pointing towards the true North symbolizing the bearer's stead fast journey to achieve personal goals and objectives regardless of circumstances, distractions and influences. The standard is charged with a polar bear, being the largest carnivorous beast in Canada and the most recognizable Canadian symbol. The Trilliums are the provincial flower of Ontario, and are charged on the standard to represent the locality of residence. The motto is a personal belief in that the only thing from this life that one can carry to the next is Honour.
Rank: Scholler: Jan 15, 2000
Free Scholler: Oct 14, 2001
Provost: Jan 1, 2006