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Arms: Sable, three dexter arms armoured conjoined and flexed in triangle, hands clenching a battle axe all proper all within a bordure embattled Or.
Crest: NA
Motto: PRAESIDIUM MEUM SUM (I am my own defense)
Flag: A banner of the Arms.
Standard: NA
Source: Inspired by Kel's involvement with the SCA. Arms were assumed in August 1979.
Artist: Charles Jevons
Herald: Kelly Rekuta
Symbolism: Designed and assumed in my late teens after taking interest in medieval Irish and Scottish heraldic practice. The tinctures are inspired by the following: Field - Sable; loyalty, Bordure - castles of gold, glory to be won, Charge - Armed and armoured, prepared to lead in service.

This blazon has similarities to Armstrong and also the Isle of Man. My blazon has at least one major and minor difference each to either. The major consideration for the arms coflexed in triangle was a symmetrical charge reflecting a potential motto of "I am my own defense."

Rank: Scholler: Apr 7, 2002
Free Scholler: Dec 4, 2005