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Arms: Per pale bendy of 11 Argent and Sable, Argent four Roman lightning bolts conjoined terminating in arrowheads Or.
Crest: Upon a helmet mantled Or doubled Argent a torse of the same, a demi Roman legionnaire proper gripping a spear in the dexter hand, and round shield in the sinister hand.
Flag: A banner of the Arms.
Standard: NA
Source: The design was inspired by the Italian heritage, or more specifically, the Roman heritage of the family. Assumed in November 2007.
Artist/Herald: David M. Cvet
Symbolism: On the sinister side of the arms (the right side when looking at the image), appears lightening bolts with gold arrow-shaped heads. The inspiration of this motif originates from around the 1st and 2nd centuries AD where the design for many of the Legionary and Praetorian shields displayed a lightening-bolt motif. In Roman mythology, the lightening-bolt represented the power of their supreme god, Jupiter. The dexter (left side of the shield) depicts Per pale bendy of 11 Argent and Sable eleven white and black stripes, not representing anything in particular, but simply to create a unique design of an ancient Roman shield with fashionable stripes for the 21st century man.
Rank: Scholler: May 29, 2005
Free Scholler: March 1, 2009