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The guest understands that the information collected in this online guestbook form is for the sole purpose for the inclusion and presentation online in the AEMMA guestbook. The comments entered will not be edited nor changed by AEMMA and will be included in the guestbook as is, provided it successfully passes filter processes which shall reject entries of inappropriate content.

The guestbook entry which includes their email address submitted by the guest shall not be used for the purpose of promoting products and/or services of any kind by AEMMA. Once the entry becomes available online, AEMMA cannot provide any guarantees on the safe and/or consented usage of the information displayed in the public Internet on the AEMMA website and therefore is released from all accountability in that regard. By virtue of your submitting a guestbook entry, AEMMA will assume that the guest is in agreement.

For additional details on the AEMMA Privacy and Security Policy, in particular, how AEMMA handles the presentation of email addresses on the AEMMA website, click here.

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Updated: June 15, 2009