Kelly Rekuta

click to view entry in the AEMMA Roll of Arms , Free Scholler, is an instructor of AEMMA, having joined the Academy in September of 2001, and successfully achieved the rank of Scholler in April 2002. He later challenged for his Free Scholler in October of 2005 and later successfully achieving the rank of Free Scholler December 4, 2005. Kel had been involved with the Society of Creative Anachronism for 23 years prior to joining the Academy, and excelled at the SCA style of fighting with sword & shield and poleweapons. Kel is also skilled at wood working and leather work, providing the Academy with a number of "standard" items, such as the traditional sword holster belt, gorgets, and periodically, creates period appropriate arms for members of the Academy. He is also proficient in armoured combat, regularly participating in tournaments and pas d'armes organized by AEMMA.

Updated: February 24, 2012