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"How a man shall be armed in the 14th century"

Sunday, May 11, 2003
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Back by popular demand, AEMMA delivered the popular "How a man shall be armed in the 14th century" in the ROM Theatre. This is the 10th presentation over the past 3 years that AEMMA has provided. The audience numbered approximately 85, including children of all ages.

The purpose of this program is to educate the audience on the arms and armour of the 14th century which includes a presentation of the arms and armour of the period along with commentary on the development of the arms and armour followed by an example armoured duel demonstrating the sophisticated swordsmanship skills of the period. The program is designed to be interactive with the audience, providing ample opportunities to field questions from the audience, especially questions from extremely curious children. At the conclusion of the program, the audience is invited to physically examine authentically reproduced historical arms and armour, opportunities for photos with the children are presented.

A summary and videos of the 5 day presentations are provided below for viewing. The video file sizes range from 2.2MB - 4.1MB. The files will require QuickTime (download the free player) and are compatible with most Windows and Mac systems. Click on the video camera icon to view the videos.

No. Segment Description Video
1 Intro: The presentation begins with an introduction and overview of AEMMA delivered by its president and founder, David Cvet. Some details were offered to the audience in terms of the origins of historical European martial arts, the training involved, and examples of the training equipment employed at AEMMA. click to view the video

2 Solarets: The presentation is then hosted by Brian McIlmoyle, AEMMA's vice president, co-founder and principle instructor. Brian shares his intimate and in-depth knowledge of the arms and armour of the period, beginning with the solarets. click to view the video

3 Arms: Continuing with the details behind the armour components by Brian, David in the background dresses up with each component of his harness as Brian explains each piece. click to view the video

4 Segmented breast plate: Brian continues with his description of the 14th century armoured harness with details on the defensive design found in the segmented breast plate. click to view the video

5 Friends with spears: Brian shown here wearing a sargent's harness, demonstrating to the audience what one would wear as a sargent in the employment of a knight. The sargent would be one of a number in the knight's employment. He describes how he would attack a fully armoured man in the field by calling up his comrades with spears to pin the armoured man for the kill or "ransom". click to view the video

6 Glasses?: An armoured man in the 14th century would not be wearing spectacles, however, it is a useful defensive tactic by the armoured man by striking the sargent's face thus re-positioning his glasses and rendering nearly blind (bad vision that is!). click to view the video

7 My Lady Stephanie: A special presentation of a birthday gift to Lady Stephanie's 18th birthday. This was planned prior to the presentation by her mother, and Brian and David presented her gift to her on stage in full view of the audience making it a special moment for "Lady Stephanie". click to view the video

8 Stage Right: At the conclusion of the presentation, in keeping with tradition, the stage and presentation area is opened up for the audience to visit, ask questions to the presenters, and examine the arms and armour of the period in person. The onstage opportunity also provided photo opportunities for the audience. click to view the video


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