Fiore dei Liberi
Flos Duellatorum, 1410

Francesco Novati, Flos duellatorum: Il Fior di battaglia di maestro Fiore dei Liberi da Premariacco (Bergamo, 1902), Pisani-Dossi Collection

"Fiore dei Liberi's "Flos Duellatorum", or "Flower of Battle" is a treatise written in Venetian dialect of Italian and was started on Februrary 10, 1409 and completed in six months in late 1409 (1410 using the modern calendar). This version includes a pair of prologs describing the structure of the treatise, and some details of Fiore's life, as well as many illustrations accompanied with short rhyming captions in same Venetian dialect of Italian. Sections on wrestling, dagger, sword, spear, two handed sword, armored combat, pollaxe, and mounted combat, and considerable discussion of disarming techniques.

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