Fiore dei Liberi : "Flos Duellatorum", 1410

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  • Tom Leoni. Fiore de' Liberi's "Fior di Battaglia" Publisher:, 28 August 2009.
    This book is the first English translation of Fiore de' Liberi's "Fior di Battaglia," the 1409 swordsmanship and martial arts text that is the oldest extant in the Italian tradition. The book survives in four known manuscripts. One of them, housed at the Getty museum in Los Angeles, CA, is held to be the most complete, and is the basis of this translation. Writing for an audience of illustrious students including the powerful marquis Nicolo' d' Este, Fiore presents detailed instruction on wrestling as well as the use of several weapons including longsword, axe, dagger, staff, lance and others.
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  • Massimo Malipiero. Il Fior di battaglia di Fiore dei Liberi da Cividale - Il Codice Ludwig XV 13 del J. Paul Getty Museum Publisher: Ribis, Marimar s.r.l., November 2006.
    Massimo Malipiero in cooperation with the Paul Getty Museum has created this excellent resource, containing his interpretations of the text and illustrations, as well as high quality colour images of the Getty's version of Fiore dei Liberi's treatise. Massimo includes his own illustrations in attempting to explain the principles behind some of Fiore's techniques, and provides a comparison analysis between the Getty's version and the Pisani-Dossi and Morgan.
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  • Marco Rubboli, Luca Cesari. Manuale di arte del combattimento del XV secolo Publisher: Il Cerchio, November 2002.
    This volume introduces a comparitive analysis between three existing manuscripts of the Flos Duellatorum: Pisani-Dossi, Getty's and Morgan's versions, with integral reproduction of the text of all the versions and numerous images up to now lacking and found in manuscripts conserved in the United States. Suit of transcription, one biography of Master Fiore and a technical appendix, the book filler moreover the study of Pisani-Dossi for the edition of 1902, completed with the information derived from the more recent studies.
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  • Giovanni Rapisardi. Flos Duellatorum in armis, sine armis, equester et pedester Publisher: Gladiatoria, 1998, Padova, Italia.
    A facsimile of the treatise written by Fiori de' Liberi, in 1409, composed primarily of illustrations with short rhyming captions in Italian. Sections on wrestling, dagger, sword, spear, two handed sword, armored combat, pole-axe, and mounted combat. Considerable discussion of disarming techniques. Two-handed sword (spadone) has the greatest emphasis. (Text in Italian)
    A pdf file of the Pisani-Dossi version from La Compagnia della Spada is available by clicking here (4.8MB).
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