George Silver "Brief Instructions upon my Paradoxes of Defence


Note: While George Silver's Paradoxes of Defence was published in 1599, the Brief Instructions, which is the book which actually explains how to use various weapons instead of merely lecturing about why rapiers are so bad, was apparently not published until a copy of the manuscript was discovered in the British Museum, and was subsequently printed in 1898 by Captain Cyril G. R. Matthey. The manuscript was not dated, but it mentions Saviolo's book, which was published in 1595. A useful introduction to this book may be found in Three Elizabethan Fencing Manuals, by James L. Jackson.

For the true handling of all manner of weapons together with the four grounds and the four governors which governors are left out in my paradoxes without the knowledge of which no man may fight safe.

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To The Reader...

Admonitions to the Gentlemen and Brave Gallants of Great Britain against Quarrels and Brawls

(1) The true handling of all Manner of Weapons (Cap. 1)

(2) General Rules to be Observed for Weapons Usage (Cap. 2)

(3) Declaration of 4 General Fights (Cap. 3)

(4) Of the short single sword fight against the like weapon (Cap. 4)

(5) Of Diverse Advantages that you may take by Striking from your Ward (Cap. 5)

(6) The manner of certain grips & closes (Cap. 6)

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(7) Of the short sword & dagger fight against the like weapon  (Cap. 7)

(8) Of the short sword & dagger fight against the long sword & dagger  (Cap. 8)

(9) Of the sword & buckler fight (Cap. 9)

(10) Of the two hand sword fight against the like weapon (Cap. 10)

(11) Of the Short Staff Fight (Cap. 11)

(12) Of the Short Staff Fight against the Long Staff (Cap. 12)

(13) Of the Fight of the Forest Bill against the like Weapon (Cap. 13)

(14) Of the Fight of the Morris Pike against the like Weapon (Cap. 14)

(15) Of the Single Dagger Fight against the like Weapon (Cap. 15)

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