Executive Committee of the Academy

President, Founder & Instructor: David M. Cvet, Provost

David M. Cvet, B.Sc., Provost, born in Canada, a graduate of the University of Toronto with majors in biochemistry & genetics, and later, in computer science. He works on a number of initiatives, including the development of training curriculums that include armoured and unarmoured training systems. He initially undertook training in Milan, Italy, in the early 90's employing steel weapons in longsword techniques and has participated in various organizations dedicated to studying the Middle Ages. In addition David has studied and practiced historical European mediaeval martial arts for 20 years, and has also studied and practiced Asian combat arts in his past. His background and experience having fired his desire to pursue a formal mediaeval martial arts training program, he founded AEMMA in mid-1998. He is also a board member (Director) of the Association for Historical Fencing (AHF). David received his appointment of free scholler in October 15, 2000.
Vice President, co-Founder & Principal Instructor: Brian A. Mcilmoyle, Provost

Brian A. McIlmoyle, Provost, Director of the Fighting Arts Collective of Toronto, a multi-discipline martial arts training facility encompassing modern, historical and traditional Martial Arts from both the East and West. Mr. McIlmoyle is AEMMA's Principle Instructor and Curriculum Developer and has been teaching Western martial arts semi-professionally for 10 years and has been involved in the study and practice of mediaeval martial arts for 24 years. Although he prefers to remain in Toronto teaching AEMMA's students at the Toronto salle d'armes, Brian has traveled both within Canada, the United States and in Europe providing instruction in armizare according to the AEMMA interpretation of Fiore dei Liberi's "Flos Duellatorum" and "Fior di Bataglia". He also introduced sword & buckler training based on research and study of MS I.33, and has been part of the AEMMA curriculum since 2004.
Director, Secretary & Instructor: David B. Murphy, Provost

David B. Murphy, Provost, has had an interest in martial arts from an early age. He has received some instruction in Asian martial arts and has always been fascinated with historical weapons. He has also had a deep interest in history for many years. He earned his MA in history and is currently a high school history teacher. He has been a practicing member of AEMMA since April 2000 and successfully achieved the rank of scholler on November 5, 2000. As a result of his continued research, study and training focused on the Liberi treatise, and his intimate knowledge and skill developed over the last few years at AEMMA with respect to Liberi's treatise, David earned the rank of free scholler on April 13, 2003 and was elevated to the rank of Provost, December 3, 2011.
Director, Instructor: Kelly Rekuta, Free Scholar

Kelly Rekuta, Free Scholler, joined the Academy in September of 2001, and successfully achieved the rank of Scholler in April 2002. He later challenged for his Free Scholler in October of 2005 and later successfully achieving the rank of Free Scholler December 4, 2005. Kel had been involved with the Society of Creative Anachronism for 23 years prior to joining the Academy, and excelled at the SCA style of fighting with sword & shield and poleweapons. Kel is also skilled at wood working and leather work, providing the Academy with a number of "standard" items, such as the traditional sword holster belt, gorgets, and periodically, creates period appropriate arms for members of the Academy. He is also proficient in armoured combat, regularly participating in tournaments and pas d'armes organized by AEMMA.
Director, Instructor: Aldo F. Valente, Free Scholar

Aldo F. Valente, Free Scholler, discovered the AEMMA website in 2004 and learned about an AEMMA presentation at the Royal Ontario Museum in March of 2004, entitled "How a Man Shall be Armed in the 14th Century" and decided then and there to join the Academy. Aldo formally joined AEMMA on March 29, 2004 and later, successfully played for the prize of Scholler rank on may 29, 2005. He has experience with Western boxing at an amateur level and is interested in all things historical, particularly, military history. He frequents and enjoys workshops, such as the WMAW and ISMAC. Aldo successfully played for the prize of Free Scholler rank on March 1, 2009.