Privacy & Security Policy

We at AEMMA are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of individual's or organizations' information to the best of our abilities within the limitations imposed by the relatively unsecured Internet. Through this privacy statement, AEMMA wants to assure you of our commitment.

Our privacy philosophy is based on the concept of fair information practices. This means we provide our associates, affiliates and other relationships with notice of how we manage information so that they can have a more informed understanding of how we operate and of the usage of the information collected.

This privacy statement is intended to inform the users about how we collect, use, share and protect their information on the AEMMA Website. We have established the following principles that govern our information practices:

Questions and / or Comments

If you have any questions or comments about AEMMA's Privacy Policy, please go to Contact Us and email the individual of interest on this subject. As the Internet matures, so will our Privacy Policy. We will consider changes suggested by you for integration to our Privacy Policy on this page as soon as the commitment has been made to alter the existing policy.