Instructors of the Academy

William A. Brickman, Free Scholar, Stratford Chapter
l'arte dell`armizare

William A. Brickman, Free Scholar, is an instructor of Fiore's system l'arte dell'armizare and has been training at AEMMA in the Guelph Chapter since 2005 under the tutlage of Provost David B. Murphy. Bill successfully challenged for the rank of Free Scholler on December 3, 2011. He is founder of the AEMMA Stratford Chapter in January 2012.
Beau F. Brock, Free Scholar, Ottawa Chapter
l'arte dell`armizare, Italian rapier

Beau F. Brock, Free Scholler, is an instructor of Italian rapier, in the style of Capo Ferro at the Academy since 2008. He is also earned his PhD in French at the University of Toronto. Beau began his study of historical fencing in Vancouver in the fall of 2006, where he was introduced to the martial arts of the later Renaissance, specifically, Ridolfo Capo Ferro, Achille Marozzo and Joseph Swetnam. He became an assistant instructor at Academie Duello in a little over a year, and has spent the better part of the last two years interpreting Giovanni Dall'Agocchie's fencing treatise entitled "Dell'Arte di Scrimia". Beau successfully challenged for the rank of Free Scholler on November 6, 2010.
Aaron Bolarinho, Free Scholar, Toronto
l'arte dell`armizare, Italian rapier

Aaron Bolarinho currently holds the rank of Free Scholar of the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts. Aaron began his training with AEMMA at the age of seventeen at the Academy's Chapter in Guelph, Ontario under the instruction of Provost David Murphy. Aaron has had a passion for the study of medieval violence and martial arts from an early age. After several years with the Academy in Guelph, Aaron moved to Toronto to begin an undergraduate degree in Medieval History and Philosophy at the University of Toronto. He achieved the rank of Scholar of the Academy in December 2008, and graduated from U of T in the June 2012. He achieved his Free-Scholar designation at the Academy in August, 2014.
Paul Micallef, Toronto
traditional archery (longbow, recurve)

Paul Micallef studied mediaeval and renaissance history at University of Toronto and joined the archery club at Hart House. Joining AEMMA, he found a group of like-minded people who also were interested in the longbow's simplicity and challenge. Currently, Paul organizes and instructs the AEMMA archery group and the Royal Ontario Museum Mediaeval Longbow course. He still takes great pleasure in experimenting with and building primitive and mediaeval archery tackle. Paul helped start two archery clubs in BC and also gave seminars showing camp instructors how to teach archery. By then, Paul was an experienced woodworker, yet he found making archery tackle still pleasantly challenging.