Private Lessons

Why private lessons?

Many people wonder whether private lessons would be beneficial for them, and why even consider private lessons? In our experience, the reasons why individuals might consider private lessons can be one or more of the following:

  1. apprehension in training in a group environment,
  2. busy schedule preventing one from attending regularly scheduled training classes,
  3. existing students feeling that their progression is slow and wish to speed up their progress,
  4. feeling insecure in training in a mixed gender environment.

What will I learn and by whom?

Private lessons are entirely based on the fighting art described by swordsmaster, Fiore dei Liberi, which covers grappling (abrazare), dagger (daga), sword (spada), spear (lanza) and poleaxe (azza). Private lessons can cover any one or more of the fighting styles, and can be arranged for small group lesson of up to six people. Lessons can be catered towards the individual's or group's desire, and there is a two hour minimum.

All AEMMA instructors are willing and able to deliver private lessons provided their schedule permits. A brief bio on the instructors and the executive who also instruct are available for perusal on this site. Individuals can make explicit request for a particular instructor, however, there is no guarrantee that his availability would coincide with the requestor's.

How do I request private lessons?

Private lessons are by appointment only, and are generally held at the salle d'armes on Dupont & Ossington, however, off-site private lessons are possible. Pricing would be handled in a case-by-case. Private lessons can be scheduled during the day (provided the salle floor is available) or weekends. To make your request, email the Academy by clicking and stating what you or your small group are interested in and the proposed one or two dates and times for the class.