The rank of free scholler is conveyed to an individual who is a student, practitioner and instructor in the l`arte dell`armizare and who has developed scholler level skills and expertise in:

  1. abrazare (grappling),
  2. daga (dagger),
  3. spada (arming sword),
  4. spada longa (longsword),
  5. arme (armoured combat) (optional),
  6. azza e lanza (poleaxe and spear),
  7. spada e brocchiere (sword & buckler) *
  8. a cavallo or mounted combat (optional).

The free scholler will be expected to provide a supporting role as an instructor of the Academy. The free scholler must abide by the rules and constitution of the Academy and must have in possession all of the relevant arms & armour for those weapons types that the student has skill in. The rank of free scholler is the minimum required in order to create a chapter of the Academy.

Free Scholler Requirements