The rank of recruit identifies an entry level student of the martial art known as l`arte dell`armizare or simply as armizare. A newly registered student who first begins their training at AEMMA, they are informed with an overview of the Academy, the key personnel, and given an overview of the training program, its structure and duration. The recruit then begins with receiving instruction on the foundations of abrazare (grappling), daga (dagger) and spada (swordplay) based on the training schedule.

As a new recruit, the student is entitled the opportunity to assess whether or not to pursue this form of martial art with a level commitment which is compatible with their current life style and commitments. During this trial period, recruit training equipment requirements to begin training incurs a modest cost which encompasses the purchase of an AEMMA training t-shirt, leather garden-variety gloves, black training leggings/slacks and comfortable flat-soled running shoes (some of which may already be in possession of the new student).

After a period of training, which can take from 8 months to 2 or more years, the recruit may be ready to challenge for the rank of scholler. At this point of recruit training, the student should not consider him/herself a fighter just yet, however, he/she will possess the necessary foundational skills to build upon and to develop those skills into sophisticated fighting techniques in the scholler level of training, and will be able to deploy some basic defensive maneuvres if required if an opportunity presents itself. Upon completing the recruit training, the program is designed so that the student is then in a position and prepared to challenge for the prize of scholler by undergoing a public scholler test in the presence of the student's peers. Of course, at this point in the recruit's training, other compulsory scholler training equipment would have been purchased, as this is another requirement for challenging for the scholler rank.

Recruit Requirements