The provost, for all intent and purposes, within the context of the Academy, is the Academy's maestro or master. Without a formal title of maestro conveyed to the provost by the an existing master of the art, the provost cannot use the title of maestro or master externally to the Academy.

First and foremost, the provost must have a proven track record in the instruction of the art, and is skilled in all weapons as described by Fiore dei Liberi's treatise. The provost has developed an intimate understanding of the different characteristics, underlying principles and theoretical approaches to each of the weapons and fighting styles described. This individual has obtained this rank after a minimum of eight (8) years of study and training. Key responsibilities of the provost is the training and teaching of students, and the contribution to the general operations and/or administration functions of the Academy. An official teaching license or letter is granted by the Academy governing body to those who have successfully prized at this rank.

The provost also must abide by the rules, similar to those rules of the maestro which describes ones responsibilities of this rank, which includes stating one's allegiance and loyalties to the organization (in this case, to the Academy), and an all-encompassing code of conduct and behaviour which the provost is expected to abide by within the context of historical martial arts. The provost must abide by the rules and constitution of the Academy, and promote the principles of historical martial arts and organizations that are focused on the formalization of these arts.

Provost Requirements